Diary Entry

Finally back in port. It was a long run around the Five Points dodging the Sultan’s Corsairs. Everyone pulling four armed watches out of six made for long nights and frayed nerves. Jorenk the Midshipman and Kitaran were at each others throats the last three weeks, coming to blows two or three times. I made the mistake of getting a room at the same boarding house as them for our week in port. If I get any rest it will be elsewhere, their reconciliation is almost as noisy as their feuding.

Word in the tavern is that the Sultan is moving frigates into Five Points, there is talk that they are securing their hold on the whole Archipelago in preparation for a strike on the Dwarven freeholding. Two unallied islands have signed fifteen year protectorate treaties with the Imperial Navy, so we can expect to see more of their ships plying the lanes about the five points keeping an eye on the Sultan’s fleet, and doing nare-all to protect any ship not flying their colors, and making hard for anyone to do business.

I hope Siksalo is still in port. His trading should hold him here at least another day while the dwarven screw ships unload their iron. If the Kahako islands are to remain independent of Sutanate tyranny or Imperial interference they will need more armaments than they can make or ship themselves. I heard the Captain and Ship’s Husband talk of running arms to Kahako if fighting breaks out in the area. A night of pleasure with Siksalo and his piercings could also net me a nice bonus if a shipment contract out of it. And it would get me away from my crewmates noisy lovemaking for a bit if my own noise.

Oh and that new cabin boy is a bit of a rat. Rarely speaks, eyes everyone suspiciously. Half the times I expect him to dart out his dagger whenever I hail him. But he has good eyes and a sense of the Sultan’s Magicians. He is useful but I would wish he would slacken his line a bit around the crew.

Taniasa DeLamond Rigger of the Destana’s Blade

Diary Entry

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